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Who We Are

Smacha sells real tea—tea that's made from the right variety, grown in the proper region, processed correctly, and that meets or exceeds the strictest standards for pesticides and other chemicals.

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What our Customers Are Saying

review 1
5 stars

"A must visit destination for any tea lover! Thank you tea master Jason Chen for a wonderful tea tasting. The store is beautiful and very relaxing. Pure tea at its best."
- Mike De La Cruz

review 2
5 stars

"The tea is beyond amazing. Even more amazing is Tea Master Jason Chen and everyone there who takes the time to really help you understand and appreciate what you are drinking and why! Thank you so much!"
- Jesse Mayor

review 3
5 stars

"Exceptional teas - the real deal! There are many teas from their own pristine tea gardens. These teas are not doctored up with phony flavors. A great collection of tea ware is also available."
- Sam B.